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Astrological Forecast for May 2008:
Saturn in Virgo makes for lean harvest; sexy, sensual moon in taurus on May 5

by Robert Phoenix

for all signs...

The last weekend in April I sat in my backyard listening to a good friend and seer on the phone from Encinitas, one of the best psychics I've ever met and she said flat out, "Bohemia Is Over." While I made this assessment in my own life as my son just turned four and I find myself enjoying play dates more than play mates, I could sense what she was referring to. "It's back to picket fences and community" she proclaimed and in her voice I could hear that we had very little choice. That's the theme music of The Waltons" playing in the background of planet drama right now. Saturn continues to grind, pestle on mortar in Virgo making us aware of limitations regarding health and resources.
"Ceres" is the goddess of grain and she is also an esoteric manifestation of Virgo. Virgo rises in September at the time of harvest when Ceres rules. Is it any coincidence that we would begin to experience grain shortages while Saturn the taciturn parent exerts its force and dominion on Virgo? Limitation is Saturn's keyword and when we see it conjoined in Virgo (Ceres/Grain), I think you get the picture. (more...)
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Lisbeth Scott

Digital Download Only.
A uniquely hypnotizing blend of pop, world and folk sounds tied together by a voice that has been called stunning, ethereal and lushly emotional. "Dove - was named Record of the Year by New Age Voice and reached #2 on the New Age music charts."

Lisbeth Scott  also featured in biomusique
"the 10,000 steps"
Available May 13th

Prem Joshua

Digital Download
Only. After playing live at a trance event in India, multi-instrumentalist Prem Joshua and the Dutch keyboardist Maneesh de Moor knew that they were on to a new sound--one they had to recreate in the recording studio.

Feel the harmony of Yoga, the stillness in motion, the detachment in awareness... The mind and body moving in unison toward the mystery of life--the power to transform you.
Gardel in Dub
Sus ojos se cerraron

Digital Download Only.
Featuring the song of legendary singer Carlos Gardel, one of the most prominent figures in the history of Tango music remixed with a Bossa Nova lounge flair.
Oneness Products
Kosmic offers four new Oneness CDs only available on our web site.
Available in CD and digital formats.

Doors to Oneness
The Oneness Blessing
The Oneness

The Oneness
Chakra Meditation

Perfect Gifts for Mother's Day!!!
garba gift
Garba Raksha
A collection of chants and mantras specially selected to help carry a healthy and absolutely vital pregnancy. By bringing the emotions under control through changes in the brainwave pattern, both in the morning and evening, expectant mothers are relived of stress, in turn creating a nurturing environment for the fetus.

Anthony Robbins - Sacred Blessings
A collection of spiritual songs selected by Tony Robbins,
inspired by the world's great faiths -from Hindu mantra to Christian hymn- and featuring music from Deva Premal, Miten, and Craig Pruess.
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